Website System Maintenance

Areas of this website may be unavailable through July 11 due to routine maintenance. Please check back.

Website Tutorial

Finding Information

Traditional Search
Click on the little magnifying glass on the far right in the main menu bar. You can type in your own search words or choose one of the provided quick buttons. 

I Want to Search option image example

"I Want To" Search
Located in the main menu bar, this provides a dropdown with shortcuts to select and frequently requested information. 

Info Finder Search image example

Info Finder
Located near the bottom of the home page, this provides dropdown menus to select from and will take you to specific information, governing documents, etc. 


Top Menu Navigation
While navigating the dropdown menus please be aware that reddish-colored, bolded text is a clickable link that leads you to the “main” page for a particular department or topic.


Return to Home Page
Click the SROA logo in the upper left corner anytime to go back to the main/home page. Also, be sure to hit the radial buttons to scroll between what is known as the “hero” images of this page. These images will change regularly and may include overlays that will link you out to additional noteworthy information.

“Breadcrumbs” are a chain of words located within the body of every page to quickly navigate you back to where you came from. The breadcrumbs are located just above the page title.

Side Navigation
Side navigation is available on most internal pages. It will show you all the pages under the current top menu and allow you to navigate to other pages under that topic.



Buttons are found on various internal pages and highlighted with icons. They are hotlinks to other pages in the website as well as external links to other websites.