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Recreation Plus Program for Rentals

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The Recreation Plus Program (RPP) is available to Sunriver property owners who either manage their own vacation rental home/condo or contract that responsibility with a property management company. This program offers Recreation Plus Cards for renters to access SROA recreation amenities.

Recreation Plus Program Card

Recreation Plus Card provides access to:

How it Works

The number of cards provided to a property owner is based on the occupancy limit of the house on file with the Deschutes County Assessor’s office. SROA adheres to Deschutes County’s occupancy ordinance: 2 people/bedroom + 2 additional people.

2020 Annual Recreation Plus Fees

One bedroom home $1126 4 cards
Two bedroom home $1690 6 cards
Three bedroom home $2252 8 cards
Four bedroom home $2815 10 cards
Five bedroom home $3380 12 cards
Six bedroom home $3941 14 cards
Seven bedroom home $4505 16 cards
Eight bedroom home $5068 18 cards

Key Information

  • To be eligible, owners of vacation rental properties must provide a Deschutes County Transient Room Tax number with their agreement.
  • Owners must participate in this program on an annual basis.
  • Renewals begin in December and the cards are valid through January 31 of the following year (no proration).
  • Recreation Plus participants can receive a discount for full payment in advance or may choose a three-part payment plan.