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SROA offices, SHARC and facilities closed

On March 18, the SROA administration and Public Works offices closed with only key staff on hand following recommendations for "social distancing." Gov. Kate Brown's executive order on March 23 further restricts staff from being in the office. 

If you have questions, staff can be reached by email or phone as most are now working from home to comply with the governor's orders. Contact information for each department can be found in the staff box below. Please leave a message and someone will contact you within 72 hours. 

These are unchartered waters. We thank everyone for their patience and support of the Sunriver Owners Association. We are all in this together... and we thank you for your patience.

For questions about how services and operations are affected and what services are still available as the COVID-19 crisis continues, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions” below right as it may provide you the answer.


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April 2
SROA enacts resolution requesting suspension of short-term rentals in Sunriver

In an effort to protect the health of those who live and work in Sunriver, the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) is asking tourists and non-resident owners to follow state and county orders banning travel and short-term rentals in Sunriver and, by resolution, the SROA Board of Directors is stating that now is not the time for a visit.

Read the remainder of the article and SROA's Resolution. Deschutes County's resolution is in the box at right.

March 30
The Fight is Just Beginning

Our numbers are starting to grow. Every day we are seeing more and more cases of our fellow Central Oregonians infected with COVID-19.

Please read the full message from St. Charles President & CEO Joe Sluka. 

March 27
SROA closures extended to May 15

As a follow up to the Board’s initial Order on March 16 that closed SROA offices and facilities through April 12, we are now extending the closure until May 15 (via the authority extended in the Order).    

Since the Board’s initial directive, a number of events have occurred that prompt this extension, among them are: the Governor’s March 23 Order regarding closures and travel restrictions (with no end date included); the Sunriver Resort closure of all operations until May 15; further public school closures through the end of April; and, our responsibility to be forthright with entities that have reserved our SHARC meeting facilities at the end of April and early May (although some of these have already canceled, and others likely to do so for these same reasons).

We will further contact any individuals/entities that are directly affected by this extended closure and continue to keep you updated. 

March 24
Point of No Return: Local leaders and hospital administrators beg the public to "stay home now"

Local officials and hospital administrators say Central Oregon is at a turning point. People in the community can either obey orders and stay put, or patients suffering with severe symptoms of COVID-19 will soon overwhelm local hospitals.

During a virtual press conference on March 24 with nearly 50 attendees, local officials — joined by St. Charles Health System administrators — urged local media outlets to convey one simple message to the public: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for food or medical needs.

The presenters repeated and expanded on the message numerous times. Do not make contact with anyone outside of your immediate household, and maintain at least six feet away from all other people.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note that topics may change without notice.

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PLEASE NOTE: All information is subject to change as we are attempting to be very flexible due to the nature of the situation.