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Committee Policy & Charters

SROA Committees

Some of the work that goes into Sunriver wouldn't be possible without the assistance of SROA's standing committees. Populated by volunteer owners, these committees participate in a myriad of projects and oversight functions – from aesthetics and design of homes to the association's finances and enrichment activities for owners.

Covenants Committee

Provides the board with a ready source of expertise and advice on matters relating to the SROA governing documents and related legal issues.
Committee meets as needed

Patty Smith, Covenants Committee Chair

Design Committee

Ensures compliance and equity in the implementation of policies, declarations, conditions, covenants, restrictions and other documents pertaining to the physical development of Sunriver.
Meets the second and fourth Friday of the month

Mark Feirer, Design Committee Chair

Election Committee

The committee administers all elections and other ballot meetings as specified in the SROA Bylaws, Article III and IX. Counts election/ballot measure votes.
Generally meets once a year

Patty Smith, Election Committee Chair

Finance Commitee

Assists the board in its efforts to preserve, protect and enhance the community of Sunriver through sound financial management.
Meets third Wednesday of the month

Gerhard Beenan, Finance Committee Chair

Nominating Committee

Vets candidates for the annual election to the Board of Directors by performing the functions and responsibilities outlined in the committee charter and Article IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws.
Meets as needed between September and April

Laurence MacLaren, Nominating Committee Chair

Owner Enrichment Committee

Develops, promotes and plans potential educational, social and recreational activities/programs for the benefit of all owners.
Meets the fourth Wednesday of the month

Dave Rhodes, Owner Enrichment Committee Chair

Task Force

Meets as needed for a special project or committee assistance as assigned by the Board of Directors.

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Work Groups
Meets as needed for short or long-term projects as assigned by the board or general manager.