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Ladder Fuels Pickup

The pickup program is underway with staff following social distancing precautions.  

To support Sunriver property owners with performing ladder fuels reduction (LFR) work on their properties and help our community be Firewise®, SROA’s Public Works Department offers roadside pickup of ladder fuels debris.

Ladder Fuel Pickup Requirements

Crews pickup roadside ladder fuelsHave your brush ready to collect before the first Monday of each month (April-October)
Materials set out after the first day of the first full week of each month may not be collected until the following month.

All Roads will be Checked
How long it takes Public Works crews to reach your particular lane depends on other projects they may be working on as well as the amount of materials to be collected throughout Sunriver. We thank you for your patience.

Collectible Materials
Branches or limbs, saplings under 4” diameter at breast height (dbh), large brush such as bitterbrush or manzanita.

CANNOT Collect
Large branches or tree trunk sections more than 4” dbh. Other organic material such as root balls, pine needles, grass, leaves, small branches or any bagged material. If these items are included the entire pile of material will be left.

Stack Material Next to Road Edge
Materials should be stacked parallel to the road. Do not stack material next to pathways or on top of electric/telephone/cable boxes, water/sewer valves and meters, big rocks or sprinklers. See below examples.

Cut in 8 foot maximum lengths

Proper Ladder Fuels Stacking
Ladder Fuels good
Improper Ladder Fuels Stacking
Ladder Fuels Bad

Contractors & Service Providers

  • Ladder fuels pickup service is provided ONLY for Sunriver property owners for reduction of ladder fuels. Should owners decide to use contractors to reduce ladder fuels on their property, the contractor is responsible for disposal of all debris created.

  • Vegetative materials generated by building construction is also the responsibility of the owner and their contractor and will NOT be removed by SROA.


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