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Tree Flagging & Paint Colors

Each year, SROA's Natural Resources department staff marks trees with green paint for next year’s ladder fuels reduction project, which takes place in the spring and early summer.

What are they for?

Colored ribbons and/or paint are also used for a variety of other projects throughout the year – both on private and common property – to easily identify the location of certain trees, thinning projects, noxious weeds and property lines.

SROA asks that the ribbons or flags not be removed. When a project is complete, they will be taken down by staff. If you have a question about a particular mark or flag, contact SROA’s NaturalResources Department.

Green Paint Slash on Tree


  • Green paint slash. Tree is designated for future removal on commons for tree thinning and/or forest health.
  • Green paint ring around the tree trunk indicates a mountain pine beetle tree on commons.


  • Orange paint slash on trunk. Tree has been permitted for removal on private property
  • Occasionally, trees are marked with an orange paint slash for removal on commons by Public Works.
  • Orange flagging is used by SROA Public Works to mark their ongoing projects.


  • Blue paint on bucked-up wood on commons notes firewood available on a first come, first serve basis to Sunriver owners with a firewood permit and load tags (obtainable at SROA).
  • Blue flagging on limb notes approximate golf course property line.


  • Pink flagging tied around tree trunks, branches or shrubs marks general property lines. This occurs in areas where ladder fuels reduction or tree thinning will take place on commons.
  • Pink flagging tied to blue flagging on tree trunks, branches or shrubs indicates there is a sharp turn in the property line.


  • Yellow flagging tied to tree branches marks noxious weed locations on commons.

Red, Striped, Polka Dot, Checks or Wire Flags

  • Used by SROA for various special projects.
  • Sometimes used to indicate a special project area such as ponderosa seedling planting locations.