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  • Can I alter or remove vegetation on commons?
  • I would like to trim some live or dead limbs on my lot. Do I need a permit?
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 Sunriver has been a Firewise USA community since 2012

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Firewise USA® is a program that provides a framework to help neighbors get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community.

Ladder Fuels Reduction

A major factor impacting forest health is the buildup of combustible materials, referred to as "fuel loading." In a pristine forest, wildfires perform the task of cleansing the forest of excess fuels. However, in an urban forest environment such as Sunriver, burning is not practical. Manual brush removal, clearing and tree thinning are highly effective when applied uniformly and consistently throughout the community.

Sunriver's Ladder Fuels Reduction Plan establishes guidelines that apply to all common and private property within Sunriver, and became mandatory for private property owners in 1996.

We help keep the Sunriver environment fire resistant and in compliance with the Ladder Fuels Reduction Plan by doing the following:

  • Perform annual inspections of private properties
  • Ensure owners maintain defensible space on their properties
  • Offer, in conjunction with SROA Public Works, seasonal monthly Ladder Fuels Pickup
  • Conduct annual ladder fuels reduction on common property

Need to Use a Contractor?

Contractors specializing in ladder fuels reduction and tree cutting may be retained to support owners’ LFR efforts at their properties. Please refer to the Registered Contractor list for important information about working with contractors in Sunriver and a list of contractors currently registered with SROA.  

Please note: Contractors hired by owners to perform LFR work are responsible for disposal of debris and cannot leave debris for roadside pick-up by SROA Public Works department.

Be Firewise to Keep Sunriver FireFree

SROA and Project Wildfire Central Oregon FireFree Program encourage property owners to reduce ladder fuels on their property by offerings free disposal opportunities each spring prior to the summer fire season.

2021 FireFree Disposal Dates:

Take advantage of these events to reduce ladder fuels on your property and keep Sunriver FireFree and Firewise!

Got Defensible Space?

Illustration on how to create defensible space

1 Practice good outdoor housekeeping. When not in use, do not leave cushions on patio furniture. Door mats and brooms left outside are also fuel sources. 2 Foundation, soffit and attic vents should be screened with metal mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent sparks from entering.
3 Remove low hanging branches to reduce ladder fuels. Prune branches to a least 15 feet from the chimney; 5 feet from the roof or wall. 4 Keep needles and leaves from collecting on the roof and gutters.
5 Move wood piles to your farthest property line. Do not store wood on or under decks or next to the house. 6 Make sure your address is visible and in a contrasting color to increase visibility by emergency responders.
7 Remove flammable fuels (mulch, grass, leaves, pine needles, etc.) from around the outside walls, decks and other areas of your home exterior. 8 Space out plantings to create breaks and slow the spread of fire.
9 Your chimney is required to have a spark arrestor.