Some SROA amenities open

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  • Long-term Storage Contact

    Wendy Manley
    Public Works
  • Short-term Storage Contact

    Corina Seamons
    SROA Admin Office


RV Storage Reservation Information

Sunriver owners enjoy and store a variety of recreational vehicles - from campers and motorhomes to boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other recreational trailers. RV storage is available for Sunriver property owners and visitors staying in Sunriver.

4 Important Reminders

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Parking recreational vehicles is only allowed in single-family home drive ways for 48 hours (for loading/unloading, cleaning).

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After 48 hours, homeowners and guests must use either the SROA short- or long-term storage facilities or another off-site storage facility for their recreational vehicles.

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Roadside parking of ANY vehicle is prohibited anytime/anywhere in Sunriver. At no time can an RV be used for sleeping accommodations in Sunriver.

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There is no overnight parking at condo complexes (they have separate condo rules in addition to SROA rules).

Short-Term RV Storage

There are no electrical hookups in short-term storage. Vehicles need to be removed by noon following the last night reserved. Please Note: During peak season storage is limited to 14 days. Plan ahead during peak season to secure a spot, as space is limited.


 Rate  Sunriver Property Owners Guests 
Per Night  $10  $25


Long-Term RV Storage

There are a limited number of space with electrical hookups. There is also a shed for canoe/kayak storage. 
Please Note: There is a waitlist for most long-term spaces.

Contact us for rates and waitlist.

Is your RV your primary source of transportation?

If you are driving a motorhome and it is the ONLY (no other vehicles) mode of transportation at the residence where you are staying, authorization for a special parking permit may be issued by the owners association with advance notification. 

Request a Special RV Parking Permit