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The Accounting Department is responsible for SROA's financial transactions including owner maintenance fees, accounts payable and receivables. It also maintains the property owner database, and works with the Finance Committee on budgets and reserves.

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  • Automatic withdrawal for maintenance fee payments.
  • Early payment discount for maintenance fees (if paid in full).
  • Balance due or early payoff of SHARC assessment.
  • Owner change of address, phone, email, etc. for SROA & Sunriver Scene mailings.
  • Property title transfers following a home sale.

What Does My Monthly $132.20* Maintenance Fee Support?

AccountingMaintenance Fee Break Down Pie Chart
Keeps track of the Association’s multi-million dollar annual budget including accounts payable, receivables, replacement reserve and payroll

Provide services to owners, handles legal matters, insurance, human resources and information technology

Sunriver Scene newspaper, websites, mobile app, owner guide & directory, ballot packages, Sunriver maps, printed materials, marketing collateral and TV PSA Channel 3

Community Development
Manages design aesthetics and compliance of private and commercial properties in Sunriver

Natural Resources
Directs ladder fuels reduction, forestry management, noxious weed eradication, environmental restoration, spotted frog protection, mosquito & bullfrog control

Public Works
Maintains roads and pathways, snowplowing, street signs, parks, SROA facilities, pools, ladder fuels pickup as well as maintaining SROA’s fleet of rolling stock and service vehicles

Administrative operations

Reserves & Non-Departmental
Major repair and replacement of capital assets with a three- to 30-year lifespan and minimum value of $3,000

*2020 fee. The fee is set and approved each year by the board at the November board meeting.